Innotech Nutrition products are now available on multiple eCommerce websites

BOCA RATON, FLA., January 3, 2018 – Innotech Nutrition’s various products, like its popular Colflex Super Oregano Throat Spray and Cardioflex Q10 cardiovascular health and fitness supplement, are now available on a bevy of health and wellness e-commerce sites.

Innotech Nutrition produces natural health products, distributed by health food stores, pharmacies and doctors in Canada and the U.S. These products include dietary and nutritional supplements, detox and cleansing teas made to be as natural as possible and more. Continue reading “Innotech Nutrition products are now available on multiple eCommerce websites”

Graphene Membrane Could Reduce Dialysis Time

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Dec. 22, 2017 – For those with renal failure, the process of kidney dialysis is all too familiar: Three times a week, for a cumulative 12 hours, you sit in a chair and a machine does what your bean-shaped organs can’t — in this case, filter toxins out of your blood.

Although the treatment is an integral part of keeping those with advanced renal failure alive, patients’ quality of life leaves something to be desired. Dialysis of any kind is an unavoidable time sink, and one whose filtration systems have seen little change over the years. Continue reading “Graphene Membrane Could Reduce Dialysis Time”

trimino Protein Infused Water

trimino protein infused water
trimino protein infused water – Get it on Amazon

The trimino is a low-calorie protein infused drink that will maintain and replenishes muscle, curbs appetite, increases energy & endurance, and provides hydration. This particular variety consists of 16oz. (Pack of 12) Coconut Pineapple, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Lemonade, and Peach and the best for this drinks is that it is not intended for athletes only, meaning, these protein infused drinks is for everybody. This drink contains 7 grams of protein, essential amino acids, and B-Complex Vitamins. It has no sugar, zero carbs and contains 28 calories, all from the Whey Protein.

Drink trimino now to break the monotony of water with four simply delicious fruit flavors.

5 Reasons to Get an Aloe Vera Plant

Expert aloe enthusiasts at bring people 5 different reasons why investing in an aloe plant is a great idea.

August 4, 2017 – When people see an aloe plant, they typically walk on by, not thinking much of it. In fact, they probably walk by this plant (or its properties) more often than they think. Aloe vera gel is one of the most widely used substances in skin-care and beauty creams. It’s been known for a while that aloe is great for the skin, reaching deep into pores and proving key nutrients where needed.

Now, the team at, a company that provides the general public free information about growing aloe plants and finding the best aloe-based product, has given some wisdom on the merits of growing an aloe plant at home.

The spokesman of, Ben Danson, gave a few words on the matter.

“When people go to the store and buy beauty creams and sunblock, they don’t realize how much they are overspending. The majority of the work done by these products is pure aloe gel, nothing more. That’s why it makes so much sense to simply grow your own or buy one at the store. Everyone needs essentials like sunblock, so why not start saving money by getting an aloe plant and learning to harvest the gel? My entire team loves coming up with their own unique recipes for aloe gel, smoothies, sunblock, face masks, and the results seem better than anything we’ve ever bought at the store.”

For these reasons, Danson and his team have given a few reasons why people should head to their nearest Home Depot and buy an aloe plant today.

Why Get an Aloe Plant
1) Aloe vera gel is first and foremost a powerful treatment for skin irritations like sunburns and ant bites. Mixing the gel with some other common household items can make a powerful cream that soothes these irritations.

2) It has very low maintenance. These plants are almost like cacti, they are hard to kill. After your initial purchase, people shouldn’t have any trouble taking care of an aloe plant.
3) The average person spends thousands a year on skin-related products. For both health and beauty, Aloe gel is one of the most effective treatments for both. Aloe gel helps improve skin elasticity, prevents wrinkles, and serves as a powerful moisturizer.
4) Not only is aloe great for the skin, but you can also prepare this super-plant as a great dish for your health. Consuming aloe can help improve blood sugar levels, assist with digestive problems, and relieve constipation.
5) Aloe plants are very cheap. A good size aloe plant is about 20 dollars at Home Depot and we have all the information you need to care for your plant for free when you do but it. welcomes anyone to their site to read more interesting facts about aloe and aloe gel.


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ATA Supports Department of Veterans Affairs Expansion of Telehealth

Secretary David Shulkin and VA Continue to Champion Telehealth with White House Demonstration

Washington, DC – August 3, 2017 – The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) has long recognized the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a federal and national leader in telehealth. ATA strongly supports the VA for eliminating state-by-state licensure requirements for health professionals employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. As the largest telehealth program in the U.S., the VA has long been a steward of innovative health delivery and financing models involving telehealth which support accessible, available, and affordable healthcare services to veterans.

ATA has long supported the VA’s vision of expanding veterans’ access to telehealth services, facilitating high-quality encounters between veterans and providers, and ensuring that veterans are equipped with the best tools to monitor their health. This includes innovative models that facilitate cross-state practice and enable consumer choice such as the VETS Act (S. 295 and H.R. 2123). Continue reading “ATA Supports Department of Veterans Affairs Expansion of Telehealth”