Chlamydia Diagnoses and Treatment

Chlamydia infection is commonly referred to as the “silent” disease. It is the most common contracted sexually transmitted disease (STD), highly curable if diagnosed immediately and easy to treat, although it usually exhibit unnoticeable symptoms. Once you suspect you have chlamydia or think that you might have been infected with it, it is very necessary to get tested immediately. Untreated chlamydia infection will often cause serious damage to reproductive organs in men and women. Since this type of infection is easily transmitted through sex in humans, and since it affects most teens and young adults it is highly recommended that at least a testing should be done once a year, with or without any signs or symptoms. A screening test for women with higher risk of infections like pregnant women and those with new sexual partners or those with multiple sexual partners should also be done at least once a year.
There were simple and varied diagnosing and testing procedures that can be performed on chlamydia infections. The doctor will usually do urine test in men and cotton swab testing on women. Swab testing in women is just similar to the Pap smear test wherein a device called a speculum is inserted into the vagina to keep it open, and then a cotton swab is inserted through the speculum and brushed the inside of the cervix.
Typically, the most effective and inexpensive treatment is just a single dose of a powerful 1 gram of azithromycin antibiotic given as fluid. Of course there were also other recommended forms of treatment such as doxycycline antibiotic in pill form taken twice a day for 7 days which is also as effective as azithromycin if taken perfectly, but has a higher risk of missing the doses prescribed. A pregnant woman can also be administered with an alternative treatment. These recommended treatments are similarly effective although women with more severe chlamydia infections may require hospitalizations. Your partner must also be encouraged to be treated even if no symptom persists because it is highly worth noting that, a person treated for chlamydia infection can be re-infected by their partners. It is very advisable that you should abstain from sex especially those taking the doxycycline until you completed the prescribed regimen and that all recent sex parties should be treated.
Over 95% of the people treated for chlamydia can completely recovers, however the treatment procedures or the drugs itself cannot reverse the damage that the infections might have done to the body earlier before the administration of the treatment.

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