Cancer of the Appendix

The appendix as you may all know is that a narrow worm- like shaped tube connected to the large intestine. Usually, it is 3-4 inches long of which the function to the human body is still unclear. It was thought to be a result of biological evolution of the human beings which at present is thought to help in the function of the immune system.

Given that the appendix is part of the gastrointestinal tract, it may develop a cancer in the appendix. This cancer develops when cells in the appendix start multiplying abnormally that will ultimately form into a tumor. The tumors in this case include carcinoid tumors– caused by the abnormal growth of cell that produces hormones that typically do not display symptom or signs until it spread to other internal organs, mucinous cystadenocarcinoma-caused by a jelly like substance filling the abdominal area called “mucin”, a colonic type adenocarcinoma and paraganglioma. Cancer of the appendix is categorized as a type of colorectal cancer or simply bowel cancer. Cancer of the appendix is also called appendiceal carcinoma which is generally a very uncommon condition. The symptoms may include bloating in the abdomen, feeling of discomfort and a ruptured appendix. In most cases symptoms may not exists until the cancer has fully progressed.


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