Cancer of the Bladder

Bladder is the organ in the human body that stores urine located in the pelvis area. Generally, cancers of the bladder are malignant tumor that grows in the tissues of the bladder.  The most common forms of cancer in the bladder is called transitional carcinoma cells that from the cells comprising the interior lining of the bladder. Other forms of cancers are the adenocarcinoma (malignant tumor originating in glandular epithelium) and squamos cell carcinoma (a cell derived from squamous epithelium, thin, flat cells).  The most common signs or symptoms of bladder cancers include painful and frequent urination and blood in urine, although it may also be caused of non-cancerous infections, such as sexually transmitted diseases.

It is also thought that smoking might be one of the main causes of cancer in the bladder but another factor is also related to family history. Cancer specialists suggested that this might be inheritance of inferior capability in breaking down cancer-causing materials, that consequently resulting to more vulnerability to tobacco smoke and other certain industrial chemicals.  In addition, drinking plenty of water reduces the risk bladder cancer as shown in numerous studies. Multiple cases of this cancerous cell are often caused by too much exposure of hazardous materials/chemicals at place of work, most notables are metallic materials and from rubber industries.


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