Cancer of the Colon

Colon is part of the digestive system where the body stored waste materials. Colon and the rectum form the long tube commonly known as the large intestine. The rectum is located next to the anus.

Colon cancers are growths that form on colon, anus, rectum, and bowel are symptoms of cancer or it may be benign tumors called polyps. The symptoms of colorectal cancer can remain undetected for year and may develop very slowly. Polyps can be removed using surgical procedures called colonoscopy, therefore not considered to be high risk to the health in humans, unless otherwise left unattended. Most benign polyps have the risk of becoming malignant and cancerous if they are not removed. It is primarily the cause of colon cancers if formed and developed polyps are left untreated.

Colon cancer and rectum cancer are also known as colorectal cancer and are significantly very frequent in the western world. Colorectal cancers are known to spread to other organs, tissues and other parts of the body and form new cancerous cells. Practitioners and experts thought that there is a link between the foods eaten in the western countries and cancer of the colon, since it is extremely rare in the Asian and African countries and very widespread in Europe and the Americas, especially North America. There are factors seen to increase an individual’s chances of developing colorectal cancer, notably a diet rich in fat, foods low in fibers, family history of colon cancer, and malignant tumors in the large intestine. Therefore, eating foods such as vegetables and other low fat foods, increased fiber intakes by eating whole-grain bread, cereals and grain products may reduce the danger of developing colorectal cancer.


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