Why You Need Cheap Casein Protein Powder

One of the best ways to look for cheap casein protein powder is to take some time in making a research online. But where does casein protein really come from? Actually casein protein powder is the dehydrated form of casein. It is made up of 80% protein which comes from cow’s milk. Cow’s milk consists of both whey and casein. Casein is often known as the milk protein. Casein protein which is in the powder form is usually used in making workout protein shakes which have different flavors.

Benefits from Cheap Casein Protein Powder
Some people think that they do not need casein protein since they can get the proteins that they need from the food that they eat. Actually, casein is an excellent protein supplement which can give you a lot of benefits. It can help you build muscle mass. In a recent study, 18 men were given two protein shakes each day. The shakes are given either before or after their workout sessions or five hours after their workout. Ten weeks after the study was done, the men who drank protein shakes have more muscles than the other men. Another study that was made by the Baylor University discovered that men who drank casein protein shakes have gained more muscles in ten weeks compared to those men who drank whey protein shakes without any casein. The best thing about cheap casein protein powder is it can speed up your muscle recovery time. Casein protein powder moves slower to the digestive tract compared to whey protein which usually takes up to seven hours for full digestion. Since most of the muscle re growth and repair happens when the body is asleep then it is best to take casein protein powder before going to bed. That is why, it is known as the night time protein. Your body will get a slow release of protein during the night and this can help in muscle recovery.

Suggested Intake for Cheap Casein Protein Powder
Sometimes protein supplementation is not really required in a healthy diet. The amino acids provided by protein supplements can be acquired from the food that you eat. The belief that taking extra protein can promote muscle growth is actually a myth. In order to make your muscles grow, you must stimulate it physically and you must have an adequate intake of protein and not excessive. Any nutrients which are in excess can be stored as fats. Experts suggest that you can actually obtain your casein dosage from the food that you eat. It can be found in milk and other foods which contain milk such as cheese, butter, yogurt and even ice cream. Casein protein is actually the same with the one that is found in the natural form of milk. For people who are having a hard time meeting their protein needs with the food that they eat, they can obtain protein supplements which can be in a case to case basis. If you fall into this category then make sure that you are buying your cheap casein protein powder from a reputable company.


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