Technology – Friend or Enemy?

Technology can be a wonderful thing.  However, when does technology become a harm to humans?  It is great to invent something that would fine stream an important function or increase productivity.  I believe that there should be a limit to inventions when it has to deal with human interaction and well being.  I read an article in the wall Street Journal titled “The Robots Are Coming To Hospitals” and feel this would not be a good thing to do.  The human person needs a human touch, especially when they are sick.  When does it all stop?  How far do we have to go?  Shall we fire everyone in the world and just become zombies with no purpose?  I believe we have become obsessed with money and power, and in result, we have lost the value of human life and worth.  It is truly a sad time in history as far as I am concerned.  We have become that which we use to criticize and look down upon.  Our humanity have definitely left the building all in the name of money and power.


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