The Octaspring Evolution

The Flexibility of Octaspring by Dormeo

When we mention mattresses the first to come in our mind is a mattress primarily made of foam with metal spring inside. And then comes the more advance memory foam that cradles the body during a night’s sleep. Very comfortable indeed! Although it keeps you refreshed when you wake up in the morning, the lack of airflow makes you feel hot and humid.

Now comes the great innovation in mattress designs, the Octaspring from Dormeo. Octaspring is a revolutionary design that works exactly opposite the metal springs do. Where metal springs resist the force applied to them by pushing it upward when one is lying down, Octaspring absorbs the force of the weight and ultimately cradling the conformed silhouette of your body thereby providing you with comfort during sleep and freshness after a night’s sleep.

Innovative Ventilation by Dormeo

A little bit of history of Octaspring.

Octaspring is designed by Willy Poppe whose sharp mind is thinking only of how one can sleep comfortably. The spring in the Octaspring is primarily made of memory foam. After creating countless prototypes, Poppe finally decided on an 8-sided honeycomb design, hence the name Octaspring in “unique 3 dimensional spring designs which can move independently and in unison in supporting the body like no other product.” This ultimately allowed movement in all directions.

Eco-friendly Commitment by Dormeo

Octaspring’s innovative design and technologies provides comfort and freshness due to the innovative ventilation within the memory spring itself besides being consistent with the 21st responsible approach to the environment and its natural resources.
Based on a “life-cycle analysis,” Octasppring has an ECO Indicator 99. Octaspring mattresses have a very favorable ecological footprint especially compared to steel wire based mattresses by reducing the ecological footprint by half.
Now, is it not comfort without any compromise?


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