Alternative Tube Packaging


A new and smart packaging system was introduced in the market by Poly-clip System for apportioning and pleasing presentation of processed cheese, creams, spreads, fish pastes, mayonnaise, mustard and many other pasty products. The “clip-tube” is the optimal and clever packaging system that is cost-effective alternative to tubes.
This clip-tube is a tubular package clipped on each end and is supplemented by an extrusion nozzle on a threaded end piece and a closure cap. This CBS Cap Bonding system will surely open up new market opportunities with this extremely competitive package. The Poly-Clip’s transfer-sealing/clipping-machine TSCA with hydraulic dosing pump and the CBS Cap Bonding System largely form the fully automated packaging line for the clip-tube.
With this system in alternative packaging system in place, the clip-tube can be produced in pack sizes from 30 ml. with the diameter ranging from 18 mm (approximately 0.708661 inches) to 50 mm (approximately 1.9685 inches) offering decisive advantages over conventional tubes.
The resulting clip-tube package:
– Is pleasant to the touch and easier to squeeze.
– After each extrusion the material tensions of the clip-tube will not ever sucks in air which could react with the content compared to conventional tubes.
– The soft-film of the clip-tube provides a simpler and better solution enabling the entire contents to be used up completely compared to a conventional tube which is rarely emptied completely.
– Compared to conventional conical tubes, the cylindrical shape of the clip-tube package permits a higher packing density in the box in only one work step.
– The package requires less space in the rack because a Euro hanger can be attached which permits the packages to be suspended for presentation, even in refrigerated counters.
– The clip-tube improves visibility in the rack and differentiation from competition products.
Whether for the catering sector or household use – the clip-tube optimum packaging unit is the ultimate cost-effective alternative to tubes – there is no limit to your imagination. Simply remove the tear-off band and turn the closure cap or extrusion nozzle – the product is ready to use.

More info at Poly-clip System GmbH & Co. KG
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