Reflections From a 25 years old heart bypass patient

Heart diseases account most fears, anxiety and confusion to any person in the 50’s age level once that person knew of his/her disorder but, as most knows now these diseases can be prevented and can be treated specially if this disease is detected early.

Rehabilitate Your Heart

Written by: Rebekah Poindexter

A year already?!?! You may be wondering what happened why I’m asking this. Well let me tell you about my heart disease story of my fears, worries & accomplishments.

October 2011 is the day it all started. I remember having chest pain for a couple weeks thought nothing of it. I remember going on walks with my husband and dog and telling my husband numerous times. My exact words “Why am I having such bad chest pain I have been told I am to young for a heart attack so it can’t be a heart attack right?” he had no answer. We thought maybe it was just because my diabetes was out of control around this time.

Skip ahead a couple weeks. I remember being home alone. I did NOTHING but sleep. I had NO energy. NONE what so ever…

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