Interface Catheter Solutions Produces Textured Medical Balloons for A Multitude Of Medical Applications

Interface Catheter Solutions Produces Textured Medical Balloons for A Multitude Of Medical ApplicationsLaguna Niguel, CA, Sept. 11, 2013 – Interface Catheter Solutions offers varying textured medical balloons for a wide variety of clinical applications. Interface textured balloons provide for secure deployment of implantable devices, including stents, and allow for surface treatment additives. Balloons are available with different texture properties in sizes as small as 1.00 mm. The surface texture can also be selectively applied not having to be on the entire balloon surface.

The textured balloons are produced with the high-quality standards for which Interface is known, including sharp, well-defined cone transitions, and consistent wall thickness throughout the body. The full range of lengths and diameters are available for manufacture. In addition to helping to deploy implantable devices, textured balloons potentially can reduce or eliminate manufacturing steps.

“Interface is looking to provide options for our customers to expand their product offering and clinical applications”, stated Kenny Mazzarese, Interface director of balloons and balloon extrusion. “The textured balloons offer unique properties that have the potential to expand balloon catheter applications and capabilities.”

About Interface Catheter Solutions

Interface Catheter Solutions is the only vertically integrated provider of outsourced solutions for balloon and catheter manufacturing. Interface has been solely focused on the balloon catheter market since 1995 and continually sets industry standards through process improvements and equipment advancements in balloon catheter manufacturing.

Interface has created more than 2,100 balloon designs, and offers balloon design and development, balloon contract manufacturing, extruded balloon tubing, custom medical extrusion, plus a comprehensive line of balloon catheter production and testing equipment. Interface is ISO 13485:2003 certified and operates multiple class 100,000 (ISO Class 8) clean rooms in three facilities. Interface’s headquarters is located at 27721 La Paz Road, Laguna Niguel, California. Tel 949.448.7056.
Media Contact:

Media Contact:
Kenny Mazzarese
Director of Balloons and Balloon Extrusion
Interface Catheter Solution
Tel: 949-448-7056 x 7147
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