NICVIEW Helps Expand Family Centered Care at CHOC Children’s NICU at St. Joseph Hospital

NICVIEW Helps Expand Family Centered Care at CHOC Children's NICU at St. Joseph HospitalORANGE, Calif., Feb. 5, 2014 – On Jan 24, NICVIEW completed an installation of their innovative NICU camera system at CHOC Children’s NICU at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, allowing that facility to connect babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to their families through live 24/7 secure video streaming.
NICVIEW is a system that bridges the distance gap to ease the trauma of NICU stays by providing otherwise impossible 24/7 access to the newborn during this crucial time for familial bonding. Separation may be due to having family spread across the globe or, closer to home, because siblings can’t visit due to RSV season or other related NICU rules. No matter where family is located, whether deployed overseas or just down the hall, the newborn is now as close as the nearest internet-enabled device.
“This takes family-centered care to a higher level,” said Liz Drake, clinical nurse specialist in the NICU at neighboring CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital. Among the many benefits of using the NICVIEW webcam system, parents have increased bonding with the newborn and decreased anxiety. “We’re creating a connection where they didn’t have one before,” Drake explained.
NICVIEW Founders, Blake Rutherford, CEO, and Dominic Foster, CTO, have developed a safe, simple and secure system valued by families and clinical staff alike. A small camera mounted to the NICU bedside captures a live, secure password-protected video stream. Parents may choose whether or not they want to use the system and have exclusive control over the password, which may be distributed at their discretion to friends or family members. With the password, virtual visits with the newborn are made possible via any internet-enabled device, including all smart phones, tablets and computers. For more information about NICVIEW, visit
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Dominic Foster
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