Health Department press release re. mosquitoes

Mosquito_image1Washington, NC., Aug. 9, 2014 – With the recent heavy rains and the likelihood of increased mosquito populations the Beaufort County Health Department’s Environmental Health Section will begin spraying for mosquitoes as the need arises. Spraying will be completed from dusk to early evening and from early morning to dawn. If rainy or windy conditions are present, spraying will be postponed. Spraying will be concentrated in areas showing high levels of mosquito activity.

Anyone who is experiencing a mosquito problem is urged to call Environmental Health at (252- 946-6048) to log a concern. This information will help in determining areas to spray. These problem areas will be investigated to document mosquito population levels.

If you have any bee hives or newly constructed fish ponds, please call Environmental Health so they can avoid spraying in those locations.

Please remember that most mosquito problems are the result of breeding sites around the home. Spraying is not effective in controlling these mosquitoes.

The following practices should be followed to help eliminate mosquito breeding sites around the home:

• Empty or throw away containers in your yard that can collect water such as tires, buckets, bottles, toys, etc.

• Change water in pet bowls, bird baths and flower pot saucers at least twice a week

• Clean clogged rain gutters

• Repair leaky outdoor faucets

• Keep water from accumulating on tarps and boat covers

Protect Yourself From Mosquito Bites by:

• Covering exposed skin by wearing light colored long sleeves and long pants

• Avoiding outdoor activity when mosquitoes are most active such as dusk and dawn

• Avoiding areas with heavy mosquito activity

• Using repellents on exposed skin – Always read and follow the label instructions

• Inspecting window and door screens and repair any holes

Bio-friendly larvacides, commonly known as “mosquito dunks” can be purchased at local garden and hardware stores. These will control larval growth in areas around the home for several weeks without harming other animals.

For additional information please contact Beaufort County Health Department’s Environmental Health Section at 946-6048 or visit


Media Contact:
Eugene McRoy
Environmental Health Program Specialist
Tel: (252) 946-6048
Click to visit website


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