Scientists Discover End Run Around GMO Regulations

Originally published at Natural Blaze by Brandon Turbeville|

Scientists Discover End Run Around GMO RegulationsOct. 24, 2015 – It appears that the religion of Scientism is finally experiencing phase 2 of any religion. That phase in which the adherents begin to lose sight of what even the originator or focus of their religion stood for or opposed and now becomes focused on promoting or perpetuating and defending the dogma surrounding it.

The danger and legitimacy of GMOs no longer being in question for those who have latched themselves to the snake oil wagon, some scientists and researchers are no longer interested in determining the safety or usefulness of those organisms but are attempting to develop means of avoiding the regulation of their promotion.

Research done by scientists at Seoul National University in South Korea, is a perfect example of this. In this series of experiments, scientists are now able to edit a genome using viral RNA in a very precise fashion. The process known as CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) involves the application to a genome using a bacterium as a vehicle. The new process, however, as developed by the Seoul researchers involves the introduction of the RNA to the genome without using agrobacterium as the vehicle. With the new process, the editing of the genome would be the same. In other words, researchers are able to knock out the genes they want to remove. Only the delivery technique is slightly different.

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