What your birth month can tell you about your health risks

Image: Martin Child/Getty Images

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In the Middle Ages, doctors consulted star charts before diagnosing their patients. The signs of the zodiac were believed to rule different parts of the body, determine one’s susceptibility to diseases and even influence the efficacy of different medications. The practice of consulting the stars over medical concerns fell out of favor in the late 17th century, but research suggests that our medieval ancestors may have been on to something. Your birth month really does influence your health.

Researchers at Columbia University completed a study in 2015 that used statistical analysis to examine the medical records of 1.7 million patients in order to determine whether birth month had any impact on long-range health. The study, which included the records of people born between 1900 and 2000 who were patients at New York Presbyterian Hospital/CUMC between 1985 and 2013, found a correlation between the month of birth and 55 different medical conditions.



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