Carbs That Actually Help You Shed Holiday Pounds

Newszoom – We all know avoiding carbs one hundred percent is nearly an impossible feat, but it does help us shed pounds so we try. Well new research suggests that eating the right carbs aren’t bad for us and actually can increase our ability to shed pounds. So as the holidays are in full swing, its “ok” to reach for that sandwich, fruit salad or dare we say occasional cookie? Well as long as it has oats you can have one!

Whole Wheat Bread


Forget about the super processed, often thought of as “traditional bread”. Look to the whole wheat kind, which is much less refined and often has many less calories. Make this easy shift by looking for whole wheat or whole grain next time you are at the grocery store. We bet that switching this out during holiday dinner won’t even get noticed by the rest of the family. They might even thank you.



Oats do double-duty as a healthy food that fills you up, gives you energy and makes you feel like you aren’t giving up everything delicious to keep your waist in line. Oats are extremely versatile and can make for a sweet or savory meal. You could either prepare them with fruit and milk, or pair them with eggs and spinach.

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