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All content published on this site including selected health products were meticulously researched and pulled from established sources related to health & lifestyle and posted as commentary or opinion and is protected under Free Speech.

All information found here are provided for learning and guidance with the sole purpose of improving your lifestyle and bodily health purposes only. It is not recommended nor intended as a substitute for any medical advice. The health products, on the other hand, are pulled from reliable sources and are not meant as a substitute for whatever your medical practitioner has prescribed to you. Consult your own physician or any medical practitioners for any information you read on this site in order to acquire thorough and/or actual professional advice.

Ember Branch is all about health and lifestyle committed to publishing articles related to natural health, health care, diet and nutritions, medical technology, wellness and fitness, personal health, and reviews and at the same time encourages the readers to participate in open dialogues, discussions, and comments. Ember Branch will bring you the latest in research and health news, locally, nationally and internationally allow you to take well-informed actions. There should be no cultural and language barrier to prevents us from engaging in healthy discussions.

What is Healthy Lifestyle?

It is an open notion that with the tried, tested and true strategies of regular exercise, good eating habits, getting required sleep and have ample rests physically and mentally is considered the correct habit of acquiring good health. But almost everybody forgot that a healthy home environment greatly contributes to a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

For me, Healthy Lifestyle should start at home. But mind you it is not only clean surroundings, good air circulations, excellent home humidity, well-arranged furniture, well-lighted walkways, etc. Foremost of it and should be paramount to Healthy Lifestyle is a well-rounded family relationship both physically and mentally.

How do information and technology impact on health reforms?

With the unprecedented rise in the use of information and technology in almost everything we use and the explosion of social media platforms and applications that make anybody with internet connections interact with each other in real time, presents an exciting time to promoting technology in health. Technology represents a very important breakthrough to organize, mobilize and engage discussions to all age level as well as in assessing the impact of health reforms on the economy and other driving forces of government agencies and its policy makers on health statute.



Visitors of the blog site, Ember Branch can expect to see affiliated links to some products that the author/owner recommend or use. The site earns money through referral commissions after the visitor purchased a product from one of the affiliate links. Ember Branch also accepts monetary compensation or other monetary forms for placing ads from Google AdSense and other ad networks. The compensations received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. All advertising is in the form of advertisements generated by a third-party ad networks. Those advertisements will be identified as paid advertisements. Ember Branch or its author/owner does not accept and/or receive any commissions for writing reviews on products nor receive free products for evaluation. All products featured and/or reviewed on this blog site are randomly chosen and have been given independent review whether good or bad from the author/writer.


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