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Turmeric Just Might Be The World’s Most Important Herb

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Within Turmeric is the potent antioxidant called curcumin. It’s the true secret behind this special root. Pioneers in science and natural remedies are amazed at the benefits of these antioxidants. CONTINUE READING>>>>

These 15 common herbs cure everything from infections to inflammation and indigestion

these-15-common-herbs-cure-everything-from-infections-to-inflammation-and-indigestion(NaturalNews) – There are a lot of options out there besides pharmaceuticals to help cure a cold, treat an infection, or calm the stomach. And one of those options is medicinal herbs, which cover the spectrum of everything from ulcers and insomnia to psoriasis and inflammation. Here are 15 of the best herbal options you might consider trying:

1) Peppermint. Often used to help clear the sinuses and treat allergies, peppermint is among the most common medicinal herb. It’s traditionally infused into a tea to help digestion and menstrual pain, and breathed as vaporized oil to help aid in quelling respiratory ailments.

2) Garlic. A pungent bulb from the onion family, garlic does almost everything. It’s an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer herb that helps boost the immune system and ward off colds and coughs. It can also treat skin infections, intestinal worms, and sinusitis. CONTINUE READING>>>

Pineapple-Beet Smoothie That Reduce Hypertension Naturally! How to Prepare it?

pineapple-beet-smoothie-that-reduce-hypertension-naturally-how-to-prepare-it(NaturalNews) – High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is a serious and common condition that can lead to life-threatening diseases such as heart attack, stroke, heart or kidney failure, and more. It is the most common risk factor for cardiovascular disease in the USA and more than 90% of Americans can expect to develop it in their lifetime. According to a report from the American Heart Association, hypertension contributes to nearly 1,000 deaths per day.

What are the causes?

People can have high blood pressure for years without experiencing symptoms or knowing that they have it. The risk of high blood pressure increases with age as arterial walls lose their elasticity. There can be many contributing factors such as: CONTINUE READING>>>

Corporate giant Nestle beats out community for control of local water supply

corporate-giant-nestle-beats-out-community-for-control-of-local-water-supply(NaturalNews) As parts of Canada continue to hobble through record-breaking drought conditions, multinational food giant Nestle has reportedly secured the takeover of yet another community water well from which it plans to extract up to 1.6 million liters (roughly 423,000 gallons) of water per day for private bottling purposes.

In order to maintain “future business growth” with its multi-million dollar bottled water enterprise, Nestle outbid an actual Canadian town in taking over the well site, which currently provides fresh, clean water to local residents right from the tap. The Township of Centre Wellington had tried to protect the well from corporate takeover, but Nestle swooped in and purchased it before anyone could stop it. Continue reading “Corporate giant Nestle beats out community for control of local water supply”

You Throw Away The Eggshells? You’ll Never Do It Again After Reading This!

you-throw-away-the-eggshells-youll-never-do-it-again-after-reading-thisEggs are part of a well-balanced breakfast, but many people don’t know about the nutrients in eggshells. After you read about the benefits of the shells, you’ll no longer be throwing them away!

Organic & Healthy | Oct. 15, 2016|

6 Convincing Reasons To Use Eggshells in Your Garden

1. Fertilizer
Eggshells have a high level of calcium, which is excellent for fertilizing the soil and aiding your plants and shrubs to grow. They give their calcium to the soil, and then because they are thin, and low-density will decompose quickly. Don’t even worry about sterilizing or grinding them up. They need no preparation, once empty the egg shell can be tossed on whichever soil or compost heap you wish to fertilize.

To make the most of the fertilizing qualities of eggshells, spread them in winter ready for where you wish to plant in the spring. Shells can alternatively be cleaned and saved ready for use in the spring if you don’t want eggshells on the ground throughout the winter.

The calcium taken into the soil from the shells will benefit plants such as tomatoes and peppers which are known to be easily affected by calcium deficiency. Continue reading “You Throw Away The Eggshells? You’ll Never Do It Again After Reading This!”