12 Top Fat Burning Foods

Newszoom – These 12 foods will start narrowing your waist the minute they leave your fork and enter your mouth!  Make sure these are added to your shopping list on your next trip.



Vitamin C helps with the proper metabolism of fat, foods rich in it make great choices for burning fat. Eating half a grapefruit for breakfast or about thirty minutes before eating meals will help you feel more full and prevent overeating.

Black Pepper


Piperine, the important substance in Black Pepper, has shown signs of reducing the formation of fat cells in your body. Black pepper also helps to increase your metabolism. This is great news for those Ssck of eating bland food and looking for an easy way to shed some pounds!

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More ‘halo effect’ for Keytruda? Merck asks NCCN for chemo-combo backing in lung cancer

more-halo-effect-for-keytruda-merck-asks-nccn-for-chemo-combo-backing-in-lung-cancerPosted at FiercePharma by Tracy Staton |

Merck & Co. may have yet another lung cancer score coming for Keytruda. The pharma giant is submitting data from a Keytruda-plus-chemo combo trial to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, looking for backing in an influential compendia of treatment guidelines.

Though the bid for a compendium listing is based on a Phase II study, that trial won laurels at the recent European Society for Clinical Oncology meeting–and raised hopes that Keytruda would have even more utility in first-line lung cancer than expected.

That study tested Keytruda, a PD-1 immunotherapy, alongside Eli Lilly’s Alimta and the generic chemo drug carboplatin, compared with the Alimta-chemo combo alone. The Keytruda group showed a 55% response rate, compared with 29% for the standard duo, and patients in the Keytruda arm lived for 13 months without their disease progressing, compared with 8.9 months in the control arm. CONTINUE READING>>>

Two nutrients slash death from cardiovascular disease by 50 percent

two-nutrients-slash-death-from-cardiovascular-disease-by-50-percentPosted by: Lori Alton, staff writer in Reverse Heart Disease | October 14, 2016

(NaturalHealth365) Cardiovascular disease, which can be caused by the formation of arterial plaque, smoking, high blood pressure, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and obesity, is a formidable foe.

It kills 17 million people around the world every year – making it the leading cause of death worldwide – and is also the number one cause of death in the United States, where it claims more lives yearly than all types of cancer.

New cardiovascular disease research gives rise to hope and healing

A combination of two safes, natural supplements has been found to slash the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by a stunning 50 percent. Continue reading “Two nutrients slash death from cardiovascular disease by 50 percent”

Unknown Polio-like disease is paralyzing huge numbers of U.S. children

unknown-polio-like-disease-is-paralyzing-huge-numbers-of-u-s-children(NaturalNews) Cases of a rare polio-like disease that typically affects children are on the rise in the United States and no one knows exactly why.

Between January and August of 2016, health officials reported 50 new cases of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) – an illness that can cause paralysis, with some victims requiring a respirator to breathe.

Like polio, AFM attacks the central nervous system, and thus far, no cure has been found for the debilitating condition.

Early symptoms are similar to those of a cold, but can rapidly escalate into a paralysis of large amounts of a child’s body within a few days. Continue reading “Unknown Polio-like disease is paralyzing huge numbers of U.S. children”

11 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than the Flu Itself

Image credit: Flickr/Blake Patterson
Image credit: Flickr/Blake Patterson

If you know anyone considering a flu shot this year, show them this. The verdict is out on flu shots. Many medical experts now agree it is more important to protect yourself and your family from the flu vaccine than the flu itself.

Every year the pharmaceutical industry, medical experts and the mainstream media work hard to convince us to get vaccinated against the flu. What we don’t hear, are cases about the adverse reactions or about the toxic chemicals being injected into us.

1. The flu shot actually makes you sick to begin with

Have you ever noticed how vaccinated children get sick almost immediately following a vaccination? This is because the flu virus is introduced into their bodies. So rather than immunize, the flu shot actually only sensitizes the body against the virus. And the fact that it causes individuals to get ill following a shot indicates immunosuppression (i.e. lowering of the immunity). Continue Reading>>>