Foods4BetterHealth Reports on Ashton Kutcher’s Hospitalization and the Risks of the Fruitarian Diet

Foods4BetterHealth Reports on Ashton Kutcher’s Hospitalization and the Risks of the Fruitarian DietBoston, MA, September 2, 2013 –, a new food and nutrition web site that believes that eating right can prevent diseases, ward off illnesses, and help people feel healthier and younger than ever, is reporting on the risks of the fruitarian diet, also known as the “Steve Jobs diet,” which led to actor Ashton Kutcher’s recent hospitalization. (Source: Child, B., “Ashton Kutcher landed in hospital after following Steve Jobs’s fruitarian diet,” The Guardian January 28, 2013;, last accessed August 26, 2013.)

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Rapid Cancer Pain Management Growth to Push Global Revenue to $7 Billion by 2019

Pharma LiveJuly 20, 2013 – The cancer pain management market is expected to be the fastest growing segment within the global pain management therapeutics market, achieving sales of $7 billion by 2019, according to new analysis from business intelligence firm GBI Research.

The new report* states that the cancer pain management market will increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.1% from 2012 to 2019, followed closely by the post-operative market boasting an estimated increase of 8% over the forecast period.

It will also become the second largest segment of the overall pain management market, claiming 15%, while the neuropathic pain management market will continue to hold the largest share of 16% by 2019.

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Holistic Deal Site Offers Fit for Summer BeachBody Challenge Packs

Holistic Deal Site Offers Fit for Summer BeachBody Challenge PacksSacramento, CA – June 1, 2013 – Holistic deal site, teams up with BeachBody to offer their followers deals fit for summer and the waist line. Challenge Packs are offered at the lowest price and gives customers the best deal including both a fitness DVD pack and Shakology.

Best known for their incredible results on infomercials, BeachBody has always offered the best fitness programs producing the best results., now an Independent Representative for BeachBody is sharing the gift of health to its own followers.

The best deals offered can be purchased through YoginiDeals and are called Challenge Packs. Challenge Packs include both a fitness DVD set and Shakeology – the best healthy superfood protein powder on the market.

As they are known for being the best on the market, this move to partner with BeachBody is sure to please’s followers.

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Light-activated, acid-producing molecule kills cancer cells

Light-activated, acid-producing molecule kills cancer cellsOrlando, Florida, April 18, 2013 – Seeking a new way to destroy cancer cells, University of Central Florida (UCF; Orlando, FL) chemistry professor Kevin Belfield used a light-activated, acid-generating molecule to make the cells more acidic when exposed to specific wavelengths of light, which in turn kills the bad cells while leaving healthy cells untouched. The acid generation resembles what causes acid reflux in some people.
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Testicular Cancer Cells

The occurrence of testicular tumor has been taking flight in recent years most notably during the Tour de France where seven time champion Lance Armstrong has been a fixture in the battle against this virulent, yet highly curable tumor of the testicles.  Based on established studies, testicular cancer strikes group of men in the 15-40 age brackets as well as it has also the possibility that it declines with age.

The cancer of the testis is the expansion of the extremely venomous cells in the testis. In all cases, roughly it only affects one testicle.  Mostly men who grow lumps, pain or swelling in the groin or scrotum area may worried they have cancer of the testis, though it is also important that other, mild type conditions can cause the symptoms listed above. One can’t surely detect this kind of disease in the testicles based on symptoms alone, one should immediately see a doctor if these signs bothers in men usually in the middle age bracket.

Testicular cancer is most common in Caucasian white men particularly men of Scandinavian decent, but most recently rates have also begun to rise in black men.  Asia and Africa have the lowest rates while countries such as Scandinavia, Germany, New Zealand, Denmark and Sweden while not necessarily in that order have shown the highest percentage of this disease. It is not yet known what really are the causes of the cancer of the testicles, but men should be aware that in 2000 in UK, 2,000 men have been estimated to have this cancer while in 2004 in the USA, more than 9,000 cases have been diagnosed, whereby it shows that it is slowly increasing. While there is very significant few incidence of the disease as men gets older, children born with cryptorchidism have 5-10 times higher threat of testicular cancer. There may also few medical situations, such as inguinal infection of the hernia, acute contagious virus infection of the testicles and testicular twisting which if present during earlier years contributed the increase in risk of having the cancer of the testicles.

There are very few incidence of death caused by this disease due to the fact that it’s one cancer that is very curable if detected at an earlier stage. It is also common as researched shows that an increased risk of testicular cancer can be attributed in the family, thereby it can be more openly and positively identified because of family history, thus treatment will be earlier.

And significantly, having a vasectomy does not increase the risk of cancer in the testis.