4 Foods That Detox Your Colon and Prevent Colon Cancer

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4 Foods That Detox Your Colon and Prevent Colon CancerCancer of the colon or colorectal cancer is on the rise and it doesn’t choose at what population will appear. So the question is what should be done to prevent it. Researchers continue to find more and more evidences and they are presenting the benefits of the vegetarian diet.

Diet similar to a pesco-vegetarian diet, a diet where you remove all animal products except for fish, shows as extremely beneficial for those who choose to take this diet on and what researchers are sure about is that this can really help at colorectal cancer. Continue reading “4 Foods That Detox Your Colon and Prevent Colon Cancer”


Patten Pecans Promotes Pecans for Father’s Day

Georgia Gourmet Gift Box - Father's Day Edition
Georgia Gourmet Gift Box – Father’s Day Edition

Atlanta, GA – June 1, 2013 – With the idea of promoting a handful a day all year long, Patten Pecans introduces their first Fathers’s Day gift box containing the same items as their most popular holiday box, The Georgia Gourmet Gift Box. This unique ensemble is for the food-loving dad. All products are regional specialties grown and packaged in South Georgia.

The handsome black & white gift box contains:
-2 bags (14 oz. each) Fancy Mammoth Halves and Large Pieces from Patten Pecans
-1 bag (3/4 lb.) Gayla’s White Corn Grits
-1 bottle (16.9 oz.) Georgia Olive Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The health benefits of olive oil and pecans (the “antioxiNUT”) are becoming legendary so help dad find ways to incorporate olive oil into recipes and 1/3 cup or “a handful” of pecans into his daily diet.

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It’s easy to order the Georgia Gourmet Gift Box, Father’s Day Edition on Patten Pecan’s website but they’re also available on the phone. They can even customize your gift for dad by including a personal greeting on their gift card stock.
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